What is Together We Live?

Together We Live is a web-based project to share the stories of people found throughout South America. Our desire is to discover genuine people, families and organizations and collect, assemble and share their stories in an engaging and effective way through video and blogging.


Ultimately, our hope is that people will be able to connect with, relate to, and support others that they would otherwise never reach out to. Whether that means someone watches a video and supports the highlighted family or organization, or a blog post inspires someone to become more proactive in their lives, churches and local community.

How Can I Help?

Our first priority is helping others.
Interested in connecting with some of the people we come across? Check out our blog and see where you can lend a hand, send an encouraging message, or help a worthy cause.

If you live in South America and want to connect, or you know of families or organizations that you feel are worth having their story shared, hit the button below!

Sheryl & Martin Malinics

Konrad & Bethany Bicher
Brandon Hoover
Mark Coté
Stefan Weller

Nantar Inga


Sam & Priscilla Beiler

Andy & Tina Gordley

Encounter Church

Rhami Emanuel
Pipo Tours

The Arteaga Family

Darren & Kathleen Hahn

Jordan Sheaffer

GAP Year Program Students & Staff
John & Rebecca Lovell

Andrea & Capito

Lucia Arteaga

...And all the countless others who have been praying for and encouraging us along the way.

Some Background Information

In the summer of 2013, after both returning from two separate, long term trips, Micah Malinics and Nate Beiler agreed to go on another long term trip in 2014: A Backpacking journey through South America. As they talked and shared experiences from their past travels, they realized that within all of the stories they shared, there were always people who were in need, people who inspire, and warmhearted people who practiced extreme generosity. They shared about how these people had impacted them, and how they anticipated to discover more of these same people on their travels through South America.


Eventually, they decided to make the purpose of their backpacking journey to focus on the people they encounter, and use it as a way to capture stories that can impact other people. With Micah's background in web editing and video production, they decided that blogging and producing short, focused videos would be the most effective way to distribute and share the stories they find on their travels.


How Does It Work?


Thanks to those who have helped along the way



As we travel through Central and South America, we will discover and hear the stories of the people we run into. People from hostels, villages, cities, churches, and fellow travelers on the road.

Once we find a story worth sharing, we will film and edit while on the road with our professional-grade cameras, microphones and editing software.

We will post and share the stories onto our website and social media, allowing others to see and share the stories we have come across.

Finally, we will provide information for people to connect with the storytellers, whether they be a family with an email address, or an organization with a website.

Head over to our blog to check out the videos and stories of people we've discovered on our journey.

F  A  Q


Read & View Some of The Stories


Q: Where are you starting and ending and where will you go in-between?

We'll be starting in New York City and tentatively ending in Brazil, or however far north we can reach before we decide to fly home. In between we will be visiting Costa Rica, Nicaragua, panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, and whatever other South America countries we can reach.


Q: How long will you be gone?


We're anticipating that our trip should take about 6 months.


Q: Where will you stay throughout your travels?


We hope to stay mainly with locals and people we come into contact with while we're on the road. This is in hope of better understanding and capturing via film the authentic local culture and costumes, and open up the door to different perspectives seen through their ways of living. Besides locals, we also expect to stay with volunteering services where we hope to help out, pre-arranged contacts, hostels/hotels, and probably a variety of other places such as places we find to camp, etc.


Thank you for checking us out!
We'd love to hear from you!

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